Bon Jovi, Villa Park, Birmingham – 9th June 2013

Bon Jovi, Villa Park, Birmingham - 9th June 2013
Bon Jovi, Villa Park, Birmingham – 9th June 2013

The set was amazing, before a single guitar had been strummed it was looking like it would be an amazing Bon Jovi show!

After an amazing 3 hour set we were not disappointed.

Opening with That’s What the Water Made Me (a track from the new album What About Now) instead of one of their stable old classics. It was clear not all were yet familiar but it was a bold decision non-the-less. This was followed by a slightly more well known song – You give Love a Bad Name… and as soon as the opening chords were played the stadium became alive.

Following this they played a solid 3 hours without a break, and was a great mix of hit after hit, old classics along with some more new offerings.

With a strong performance throughout the night Jon Bon Jovi’s voice is still as strong as ever. He joked that he wasn’t as good looking as Justin Bieber (cue screams from the females) and does’nt dance like Justin Timberlake (cue more screams from the females) he has been around longer than both of them combined, and will be around for a long time to come, and that he wasn’t going to go off stage without putting on a hell of a show.

Obviously, Richie Sambora was missing… However stand-in Phil Xenidis certainly played his part very very well and I really didn’t miss Sambora!

The night ended with a stirring version of Livin’ On A Prayer – with almost the whole stadium joining in… the night came to an end… or so the crowd thought… with hundreds starting to evacuate out of the stadium… the band announced they weren’t finished yet!!! And went on to perform Always and ending with Blood On Blood.

The acoustics in Villa Park were a little below par, however, the night was still amazing and will never be forgotten!

We also seen Bon Jovi at Hard Rock Calling – June 2011.

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