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Hawaiian Cruise (and visit to Los Angeles) on the Golden Princess

Our Hawaiian Cruise (and visit to Los Angeles) on board the Golden Princess Cruise November-December 2011.

During this trip we visited the Hawaiian Islands and spent a few nights in Los Angeles on the way back.

OK, it’s taken me over a year to finish writing this up – keep not finding time to do it! I will add some photos in the next few days.

Travel & Adventures

Carribean Cruise (2004)

My wife and I went on our first Carribean cruise in December 2004.

We sailed with Princess and the ship we were on was the Sun Princess.

The ship itself was very well maintained, and in good condition. I’d hate to be one of the poor souls who had the job of polishing the railings etc etc… must have taken hours!

Embarkation went very smoothly… and we on-board very quickly, and our luggage arrived shortly after.

We enjoyed the many ports we visited, my wife particularly enjoyed the shopping-orientated ports!