Brian M McGarvie was born in Ayrshire, Scotland.

His interest in IT began at an early age, writing games and stuff at the age of 9 and so on for his 1st ‘real’ computer, his Spectrum 128k, from there he graduated to a Comodore 64 where again his interest in software progressed and from there to an Amiga 500 in which he wrote graphical demos for the Amiga for a number of years before finally settling with PC’s when he & they became of age.

Since then he has gained an HND in Software Engineering from Kilmarnock College in 1997, then went to the University of Glasgow where he gained a B.Sc. in Computing.

Since graduating from University he has held a few varied IT roles, from Network Administration to development & managerial.

He has worked with a various types of companies from engineering firms and large multi-national organisations involved in working with management to develop business ideas and see them through to implementation and beyond.

Presently a Software and Solutions Architect/Lead Developer for a leading UK software house. Where he is responsible for scoping requirements through to leading development on solutions for the Public Sector (primarily academic institutes) as well as bespoke solutions for organisations across a broad range of industries and type of companies.

From 2004 to2008 was the IT Manager for a well-know job-board working on various cutting-edge ideas to enhance the job seeker and the advertisers experiences of internet recruitment.

In the past he has developed bespoke web-based CRM solutions as well as several brands and websites for various organisations, including the recruitment industry and also personal finance industry developing web-based and desktop-based systems for processing loan applications.

In his personal life he is happily married to his wife Laura in September 2001 and they share the house with a terrorist of a cat called Peppar – who constantly attacks Brian.

They – except the cat! – enjoy all the fine things in life as Brian and indeed Laura are both fine cooks, and enjoy eating in or out, also during the better weather they enjoy good walks and enjoy the country & travelling at home or abroad.

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