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Firefox horizontal jump between pages!

For a very long time I have always been annoyed by Firefox…

Have you ever witnessed the ‘horizontal jump’ cause by your content being taller then the browser size? And the effect is when you go between pages that are bigger and within you experiance a jump.

For ages I thought it was some problem with my own CSS, but today I discovered it’s because of the vertical scrollbar in Firefox. The above affect doesnt happen in IE as it always shows the scrollbar.

The CSS to make Firefox always show the vertical scrollbar is as follow:

html { overflow: -moz-scrollbars-vertical; }
html { overflow-x: auto; }


How much do you surf?

What do you mean?… How should I know?

Recently, I found a plugin for Firefox called Time Tracker. It’s a small timer in the bottom of Firefox, that will keep track of your ‘surfing time’, since you installed timertracker or since last zero setting. A tool that will surprise you…

Grab It Here