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Tools & Tips…

Well, I’m going to try to divulge more of my development experiance to others. Starting with some ‘Tools & Tips‘.

Let me know if there are any topics/questions from all forms of development PHP, Java, .NET .. and management (people & projects) aspects of the IT world too!

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Making your website work with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

OK probly well known by now. But if you’re site is ‘broken’ in IE8, you could try the following which tells IE8 to work liek IE7.

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=7″ />

It belongs in the document’s HEAD. More importantly it needs to be preferably at the top of the HEAD section before any css, linked files etc.

The rule of thumb is, that the IE 8 meta tag needs to be placed above any linked files.

Browsers CSS Internet Web Design

Firefox horizontal jump between pages!

For a very long time I have always been annoyed by Firefox…

Have you ever witnessed the ‘horizontal jump’ cause by your content being taller then the browser size? And the effect is when you go between pages that are bigger and within you experiance a jump.

For ages I thought it was some problem with my own CSS, but today I discovered it’s because of the vertical scrollbar in Firefox. The above affect doesnt happen in IE as it always shows the scrollbar.

The CSS to make Firefox always show the vertical scrollbar is as follow:

html { overflow: -moz-scrollbars-vertical; }
html { overflow-x: auto; }

Mac Travel & Adventures Video Production

iMovie ’08 and iDVD…

OK, so I’ve been using my Mac for a while now… and I must admit it has grown on me hugely over the time I have used it – I was sceptical about using a Mac, but I do slightly prefere it now. Due to software I use for development I’ll always be a dual user just some things I need the PC for – anwayway… I’m here to talk about iMovie ’08.

I’ve done some video editing in the past on the PC, and Mac using professional stuff… however I was viewing my growing pile of MiniDV tapes for my camcorder and decided I should get them to video/dvd. Not wanting to spend hours/days editing I decided to try iMovie. I’ve never used it so I went in cold and was surprised and very happy with my end product – between iMovie and iDVD that is.

First step was to import my video, which was very easy and ‘quick’ though i did have to watch it play in realtime as it imported – perhaps there is a way to do it quicker?

After that was done, it was pretty simple to move my clips to edit them and compose them … it is very simple and as a result there is obviously a loss of control if you are used to Final Cut or similar on the PC… but if it’s just to get that holiday footage tided up and onto dvd then it’s probably more than sufficient.

After some resizing of clips, I became adventurous and – gasp – added titles and transitions (though not too much of these as I decided they were a bit corny) … next I added some music to liven it up.

So to create my wee video of a recent trip to Dubai, took (excluding importing time) just a little over an hour to compose, and a matter of moments in iDVD.

Burning the DVD in iDVD was quick and painless too… pick a theme, drop the movie in, give it a title and click a button and that was it really.

I was paranoid about quality… video on a computer in my past experiance was never that great. So I tentativley shoved it in the DVD player and was very happy with the resulting video. If anyone knows a good FREE resoource to upload video too I may upload some later.

One of the odd things in iMove is there is no need to save, but it does indeed save as you go – I quit a few times to test it!


How much do you surf?

What do you mean?… How should I know?

Recently, I found a plugin for Firefox called Time Tracker. It’s a small timer in the bottom of Firefox, that will keep track of your ‘surfing time’, since you installed timertracker or since last zero setting. A tool that will surprise you…

Grab It Here