Rocking in Hyde Park with Jon Bon Jovi at Hard Rock Calling – 25th June 2011

Having booked tickets a lifetime ago (or felt like it), the day finally came.

We were in the queue around 10/10:30PM and so we were about the first people in… so picnic rug in hand set up fort middle center just 2 or 3 rows from the front of the pleb partition. while  the queues for entrance stretch through Hyde Park on a glorious day unlike the damp start to the weekend. But we did visit the Park while The Killers were on, crowd was nowhere near as big as Saturday but nonetheless sounded like a good show from what I heard under my tree from the rain. And ‘wet’ our appetite for Jon Bon Jovi on the Saturday…

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Read and parse text files with PHP

Read and parse text files with PHP

Quite often, the need pops up to read and parse text files, typically these are plain text or CSV (exports from Excel, MS Access or some other source).

This guide will show you the pest practice for doing so.

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Forum is here…

I have recently added a forum to my site.

If you have any specific requests for some development (PHP,.NET … anything), project management, search engine optimisation… or just want to talk about something random.

I am active on and answer many issues, but I will also do that here!

Hope you can join me!

You can register for the form (and my site) here.

ColdFusion – replace nl to br

Just a quickie if you need to replace NL (New Line or Carriage Return) in CFMX;

<cfset text = replace(text,'#Chr(10)##Chr(13)#','<br>',"All")>

You could also wrap it up in a CFC or a function if it’s going to be widely used.