Search Engine Ranking via Title Tags

”How do I get my website page to rank well in search engines for a certain search term?”. While there are many techniques and tactics that can contribute to how your website ranks, one of the most fundamental is through the use of title tags. Title tags let search engines know what the main thrust of each web page is, and which categories or search terms to file the site under. By the way a title tag is what falls between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags in your html code for each page.

If you need to research what a title tag is, refer to this document:

Here are a few tips on how to use title tags to your best advantage.

  1. Use keywords in your title tags – not your company name. Chances are that your website will naturally rank highly for your company name without any extra prodding via the title tags. Focus instead on keywords related to your business. Pick a few terms (around 4 maximum) that are best for that particular page and use those.
  2. Create unique title tags for each page of your website. Although this may take a considerable amount of work depending on how many pages you have in your website, it is in your best interest have unique title tags for each page. Consider the main theme or topic of that particular page and use keywords in the title tag related to those themes.
  3. Don’t ”keyword stuff”. You may be tempted to either repeat keywords over and over again in the title to gain an edge in search engine rankings, or have a very long list of keyword phrases in your title tag. Don’t do this. At best, you won’t gain any advantage from over doing keywords in the title – at worst you could potentially trigger a penalty by the search engines which could lower your rankings. Also, 64 characters is generally considered the length limit for good title tags.
  4. Review your title tags from time to time. If you are updating your website content frequently, you may also need to update your title tags. Set up a time to review your title tags on a systematic basis – perhaps once a year.

While simply having relevant, accurate, and well formed title tags won’t make you rank highly for any particular search term all by itself – it is a prerequisite to rank well for your chosen search terms. Take some time whenever you create new content to develop a great title tag following the tips above, and you’ll be on your way to better search engine rankings.

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